Body of Solid Exotic Wood

AiV Nixie desktop clock are made in an original neo-retro design and combine cutting-edge technologies and the faraway 1960s appearance. The clock body is made of rich wood species: mahogany (Honduras), Brazil nut tree, sapele (Africa). See more.

Built-in GLONASS/GPS-receiver with an antenna

To accurately display the time, AiV Nixie clock is synchronized with the signals from GLONASS/GPS satellite navigation systems using a built-in receiver with an active antenna enabling the correct time display in any region of the Earth. The GLONASS/GPS signal power is not sufficient indoors but the clock is excellent at the time determination. View Details.

Heavy Steel Pedestal

To improve stability, the clock pedestal is made as a 3-mm thick bent steel plate.

Easy Connection and Safety

AiV Nixie clock works from the mains and IN-18 Nixie tubes do not heat during the work. Tube devices have never been that safe!

Exclusive silver logo

The top plane is decorated with AiV Electronics logo cast of silver-containing alloy.

IN-18 Nixie Tubes

Time-display indicators are represented as IN-18 Nixie Tubes which were manufactured in Russia until early 1990s. When a digit is switched on a beautiful red-orange glow appears around it. Hereby, the IN-18 tubes, unlike conventional vacuum tubes, do not heat. The main advantage of IN-18 tubes which makes them true rarities among the Nixie tubes is a large digit size: 40 mm (1.57") vs. conventional 18-20 mm (0.8") in other Nixie tubes. Read more.


As an interesting peculiarity AiV Nixie clock is equipped with the illumination which will decorate your interior and help you in orienting in the dark room at night without switching on the light. Several preset colours selected by our designer are possible: from soft-green to intensive blue. If you need a “special” colour for your interior you can easily select it in the illumination settings. You can select any colour! Smooth colour change mode is also provided.

Touch Slider

The illumination brightness is adjustable using a touch slider located in the cavity on the clock front side. You can quickly and accurately adjust the required illumination brightness by lightly touching it. The touch sensor will be an indispensable assistant in the clock set-up.

Unlimited Service Life

AiV Nixie clock element base consists of the components with unlimited service life (for example, the clock does not contain electrolytic capacitors, accumulators and batteries).
Life-Time Warranty!

Nonvolatile Real-Time Clock

Now the time will no longer be reset in case of power cutoff! The clock contains a super-capacitor (high-capacity device) enabling the clock time counting for maximum 3 days with the power off. Super-capacitors do not need replacement like batteries and do not degrade like batteries.

Enhanced Functionality

AiV Nixie clock is tuned to you!
• Adjustable digit glowing and illumination brightness.
• "Night" mode enables setting the comfortable brightness in the night time.
• "Day" mode enables switching off the clock while you are at work to save the energy and extend the service life.
• Adjustable time change effects.